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Our Vision

The vision is to prepare science graduates and post graduates, as youth, pursuing excellence, approaching life scientifically, behaving morally and discharging duties responsibly towards the making of the state and the nation by equipping them with knowledge and skills of practical use.

Our Mission

The mission is to impart scientific education as a great liberating and democratizing force, emancipating the youth as instruments for spreading it among the common men – an instrument for awakening.

Goals and Objectives

1) To help young learners realize that science and technology, going hand-in-hand, can develop and enrich a personality, thereby promising a life of advancement, success and therefore contentment.
2) To make science students aware of their duties and responsibilities – by providing them an understanding of exact sciences and humanities for flowering of their personalities.
3) To disseminate scientific and technological knowledge; its application and to make efforts for making it available to the common man.
4) To develop in the youth a rational and professional approach to life’s various situations.
5) To develop scientific awareness and aptitude among the educationally, socially and especially backward areas of the district.